Born in Chicago, IL, Raised by a single mother, these artistic
geniuses picked up the pen at the age of two and haven’t put it down since.
They were brought from Chicago to the S.W.A.T.S. where their musical and
artistic influences flourished. They participated in band and concert
performances, ran into hard times and decided to drop out of high school. With
nowhere else to turn they chose military school and graduated in the top of
their classes as honored platoon lieutenants. After coming back to Atlanta, they
continued to hone their uncanny skills as the co-emcee/ co-producer dynamo that
is Rhymestone. Not only limited to hip hop and production, they also create
comics, create art, designs logos, prepare and cook all types of cuisines,
perform, and raise money for good causes. This is but a foretaste of things to
come. Stay tuned for the revolution!